‘The world is not as it was before, no, no, no.’

Cryptocurrency was created as a blog to share ideas about the Crypto Currency space. From where it’s headed, to where we are- there’s a lot of principles to be aware of. Keep up to date with Crypto news, as well as warnings on possible scams and marketing shills. 

We keep all our content honest. We are not directly in joint partnership with any companies or other interests. However, we do have a number of connections with people directly involved in blockchain development and finance who we readily consult for clarification. 

Below is our crack team, and some contact details. If you like our style, and want some Crypto Club bling or writing on your own Crypto space, then hit us up for more details. 

Viktor Holland
Viktor Holland
James Viktor Holland is a computer science graduate with a background in cryptography. Viktor has a long standing relationship with high stakes Poker games, and is no business novice. He has proved his business acumen time after time, following his 2012 purchase of Bitcoin. His desire to innovate, systematise and explain has lead him to the Crypto space. In his spare time, Viktor plays chess, and enjoys cycling and practicing tantric sex, at which he is an accredited guru.  
Andrés Gayoso Vélez
Andrés Gayoso Vélez
Andrés has a background in Biological sciences and the gaming space. Andrés started investing in Cryptocurrencies in 2016, and is a keen and expert investor- seeing the Cryptocurrency mania as a second '.com' boom, one that's built to last. 'Cryptocurrency is the money of tomorrow, investing with secure strategies is of huge importance. I built Cryptoclub as a way of sharing my enthusiasm and knowledge of Crypto with everyone, at every level. Cryptocurrency is the future, and it's here to stay- you'd be a fool not to get started researching right away'

Makito Sotah Tason


Site consultant.

Not much is known about this guy except that he is really smart and likes his privacy a lot.